High Contrast Thermal Rolls

500′ x 2′ Rolls 


Not sure how much or how big a marker or target is needed?

Our standard gloss thermal rolls give you flexibility in application and sizes.

Excellent for covert operations, marking vehicles, and target training with your thermal imager. 

Cut any size and use as you need it!

The film does not come with a hook back (velcro).

Desert Tan Color: NSN 2540-01-450-5881

Now available in our exclusive Upright Thermal film!

FLIR and the Benefits of a Thermal Film Partnership

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May Require State Department License

How Thermal Film Works


Thermal film produces heat or energy contrast in the scene to help you identify a person, a vehicle, or target.

Simply attach the thermal film to a person, animal, location, or target. The thermal device you are using will detect the various temperatures of the scene around the film. Because the film reflects the energy it will provide a contrast to the temperature around it. Therefore this causes the thermal film to pop or stand out for you to see.

There are different color palettes on your thermal device. Most military and law enforcement units use the  “white hot” or “black hot” palette. In these settings, the film will appear either black or white.

In addition, thermal passive films needs no illumination and work well in sand, smoke and fog conditions.

Learn more on how a thermal color palette works: 

Breaking Down the Thermal Color Palette so even your Kids Understand!


  • Available in Upright Thermal or High Contrast film
  • Each roll is 500′ x 2′. 
  • Available in brown, green, tan colors.
  • May Require State Department License

We do offer a Peel and Stick thermal tape option.  For more details click here.

 OD Green: NSN 8135-01-390-7410

Desert Tan: NSN 8135-01-392-2928

Thermal rolls for use with thermal imaging device

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