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Upright Powered Thermal Target Kit: Boar or Coyote


We took our stand-out passive Upright Thermal targets and powered them up! IR.Tools unique powered thermal targets are built with exclusive rubberized heat technology. This heated material provides superb thermal contrast and is nearly indestructible. The profound contrast never blooms even after taking 100’s of shots. The durability and contrast of the powered Upright Target are unrivaled.

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Product Description

Train outside or inside with the Upright Powered Thermal Target. The target powers up with low-voltage batteries in just a couple of minutes. And there are no wires to short circuit or catch fire. Easily mount with staples or hang with standard grommets. This life-like target is a sure winner.


  • Emissivity: <25 Wavelength
  • Visibility: Visible (.4u-.7u), Mid/Far IR (3u-5u,8u-14u)
  • Target angle: Upright or lean back
  • Adhesive: None
  • Distance: 25m to 1000m depending on scope 12V:
  • Temperature Differential: 10C Current: 1.15a Power: 14w Life on BA5590: 13hr 24V: Temperature Differential: 25C Current: 2.3a
  • Power: 55w Life on BA5590: 3.25hr

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 0.75 × 24 in

Boar, Coyote


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