IR Tools IR Challenge Target – Thermal


An outdoor challenge to test your speed and accuracy with your thermal weapon sight.

The Challenge includes 1 Universal Zeroing Target to confirm your zero.

Your Time + Hits – Misses = Your Total Score

A score of 105 wins a unique IR Dead-Eye Glow in the Dark patch!

Grab some friends and join the fun!

  • Confirm zero on your weapon.
  • Load your magazine with 30 rounds.
  • On the buzzer begin the course of fire and engage the designated aim points on the target.
  • Note your score on the provided score sheet.
  • Your Time + Hits – Misses = Your Total Score.
  • Submit a picture of your finished time, target hits, and total score.

Send your pictures to: Instagram: #irtoolschallenge OR email –

JOIN THE COMPETITION!  January 17 – March 31, 2023

The top 3 Scores Win 3 GRAND PRIZES!

1st Prize Package – $500.00

2nd Prize Package – $400.00

3rd Prize Package – $300.00

Learn More about the Prizes

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Product Description

An 8.5 X 11 shooting target with 4 distinct aim points for testing your speed and accuracy with your Thermal sight. Each aim point is IR.Tools New Upright Thermal film which provides a clear distinct thermal contrast for your shots. Start at a 25-yard marker in a standing position to begin the challenge.

Each Package includes:

1 – Universal Zeroing Target

1 – IR Challenge Target


Detailed Instructions with video links




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