NIST Drone Training, Hazmat, Thermal Discs


Your Hazmat discs feature high-contrast thermal film to evaluate drone and pilot proficiencies. Each disc presents a specific image for the pilot to analyze and determine the appropriate course of action. 

10 Hazmat thermal assorted image discs are included in this kit.

IR.Tools Thermal Discs Markers meet NIST training standards 100% of the time.

Stop swapping out discs! These dual discs work in visible and thermal training scenarios to save you time!

  • Visible to naked eye and thermal imager scenarios
  • Versatile for training in daylight and darkness.
  • Require no external power source, making them ideal for extended training sessions.
  • Each 8″ disc fits perfectly in a designated omni-training bucket.

Each full kit includes a Landing Pad decal!

NIST Document : Learn More


NIST has developed and designed a comprehensive 5-level training course to assess your drone's safety, capabilities, and proficiency.

As thermal imagers have become an integral part of drone surveillance, training with a thermal disc is crucial.

IR.Tools has integrated a high-contrast thermal film into the design, eliminating the need to switch between visible and thermal discs. This dual visible/thermal disc fulfills all training requirements to save valuable time and streamline your training sessions.

LEVEL 1: Open Lane - Basic proficiency and safety check

LEVEL 2: Open Lane - Maneuvering around ground objects

LEVEL 3: Open Lane - Maneuvering around objects while controlling zoom and exposure

LEVEL 4: Obstructed Lane - Control zoom and exposure while maneuvering around close objects.

LEVEL 5: Confined Lane - Search room to room while controlling zoom and exposure.

HAZMAT: Various hazard images to analyze and determine the appropriate course of action.

"The partnership between The Regional Training Center and IR.Tools have produced a new and exciting tool for public safety. The goal is to further enhance training and test camera capabilities in thermal and IR environments using NIST training standards.

–Tim Martin, UAS Training, The Regional Training Center


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