A police officer told us recently that chasing and catching the bad guys in the dark is chaos.

Coordinating operations from the helicopter to the police cars on the ground is extremely difficult. While some pursuits are successful, others fall short short of a synchronized plan that would result in a capture.

Current efforts from the helicopter use street signs, various landmarks, even a spotlight(very dangerous), to call out directions to coordinate the chase.


In the daylight vehicle identification numbers can be seen and identified.  Darkness makes this impossible.

IR.Tools™ has developed Vehicle Markers; thermal vehicle identification markers for law enforcement. Vehicle Markers will bring an end to the “chaos” during the night chase. The airborne officers can look through their thermal imager (FLIR) and easily view the thermal markers on the police cars below.

Valuable time will be saved.

 Thermal Vehicle Markers will give coordinating officers the confidence they need to eliminate any “guessing” of their partners location.

The results?

Mission Accomplished.


How Vehicle Markers Work

View Video of Vehicle Markers 

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