We wanted to test the Vehicle Markers to see if  a marked vehicle could be found in a crowded mall parking lot.

A white truck was parked at the mall with a white 3″X12″ Vehicle Marker on its roof. The helicopter flew to the mall and the TFO did not know where the vehicle was parked. The search occurred during the day in Florida from 2500 feet using a FLIR Star 230.


The TFO was able to locate the marked vehicle in less than 12 minutes!


We were very pleased, though not surprised, by this result. It is one thing to mark a single vehicle in a known location, and view a thermal character. It is something altogether different to not know where you are looking, and be able to find something.

Improved Command and Control

Vehicle Markers are used to mark vehicles for faster identification by airborne personnel using a thermal imager. The markers appear to have a different temperature than the vehicle surrounding it for easy identification. This affect works during the day and night, allowing improved command and control 24X7.

For more information about marking your vehicles using thermal imaging markers call us at 443.292.8885.

Free samples available to qualifying inquires.
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Tom Portrait Tom established IR.Tools™ in 2006, working out of his home for several years before growing into an official office space. As a veteran and engineer, Tom was led down a path to manufacturer quality IR markers, insignia and targets for the military and law enforcement.  An innovator who is always moving forward to stay ahead of the industry, Tom has 15 awarded patents, and 10 patents pending.  Tom received his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park and his MBA from Regents University.
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