Thermal, Night Vision, or Laser Zeroing Made Simple

Chase and Tom point out the uniqueness of the Universal Zeroing Target. If you have advanced optics on your rifle and want a quick, straight forward, precise zeroing experience, listen in to hear the solution to your problem.  (Patent #10,228,219)

Chase: Hey I’m Chase from IR.Tools with Tom the owner of IR.Tools, and the progenitor of the Universal Zeroing target, which he is going to tell us about right now, cause this thing is pretty neat. So Tom run us through the Universal zero target.

Tom: Sure, so the Universal zeroing target. pretty straight forward, pretty easy. The point was we were trying to figure out how to make one product that would allow you to zero any weapon that you could imagine. In order to do that, we said, how do we make it universal. The “universalness” is in these 3 little stickers. So you have 3 stickers that you can use. One is a thermal sticker, so we have a night vision sticker which is glow in the dark, and we have a laser sticker which is retro reflective.

So whatever your advanced rifle sight is, you pick one of the stickers to use so you can do anything.

Chase: One of the nice things about this guys, is when you put this down range, whether you are zeroing multiple optics to a rifle, or multiple rifle systems that have different optics or the optics/laser combo, trying to learn passive shooting through NVG, helmet mounted. Whatever your use case it, you literally have one, universal zeroing target and get it all done right there.

Now you be saying it is just paper and that seems like a lot of rounds on paper, what is this thing made of?

Tom: So it is actually made out of Rite in the Rain Paper®, it is waterproof, so even if it is raining out there on the range, you can keep going because it won’t fall apart.

Chase: Yes, that is a big value add, and then on the back, for your reference, and it may not be exact to your actual weapon system but on the back we do have basic zeroing information for different lasers, sights, barrel links, calibers, that kind of stuff. At least get you dialed in to your area, where you need to be, so hopefully your getting rounds on target very quickly.

Tom: It is very easy to use. Whatever sticker you are going to use. This comes right off, very tacky tape, tacky adhesive, so you can place it, if you decide that is the wrong, move over there to correct you point of aim, point of impact offset. Pretty easy.

Chase: One thing you can do, if you are zeroing a laser, also doing through your NVG or helmet mounted you can actually have that offset aiming point, depending if you want to have a convergent or a consistent zero on your laser and rifle system. So you can actually put  your laser point over here, the night vision over here, that way you are seeing that aiming point through your NVG, your laser is hitting that aiming point and you know you got that parallel zero or convergent based on your use case. Just trying to give you all the options. Where do people find it?

Tom: Find this at any of our recommended dealers. Just come to our website.

Chase: Awesome. Tom thank you. Thank you guys for watching, see you next time.

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