Founded in 2006, IR Tools™  provides the Military and Law Enforcement communities with the most innovative IR (infrared) Identifications patches, panels and targets in the industry. We design and manufacture reliable identification to protect soldiers and police so they return home to their families at the end of a deployment or shift.


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Personal Identification

 Over 200 IR patches and thermal panels 


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Vehicle Identification

 Identify and direct assets on the ground with thermal markers and panels


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Target training with thermal, passive targets

Our Premium Products

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Personal Identification

What sets our IR patches apart from the competition is that we use an exclusive proprietary process called SandStorm Technology™.  SandStorm Technology™ utilizes new materials to produce an IR glow tape built directly onto a reflective backing without air gaps. This produces one solid film that is not vulnerable to water, sand and debris.  The patch is guaranteed to not fall apart and will endure a long deployment.

Infrared Tools panels are exclusive also!

Our ability to customize your IR flag patch, call sign, morale patch, name tag, ID panel, TIP panel, is important to us. You choose the technology, version, style, and design… we do the rest!   See All Products.


IR Patch




Thermal Patch


Fusion Patch

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Thermal Panel™

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Vehicle Identification

IR.Tools™ offers a full line of Thermal Vehicle Identification for ground to ground or air to ground signaling.

Identification markers include 4′ x 4′ TIP panels and thermal peel and stick letters and numbers for rooftop marking. Tactical Flight Officers command and control assets on the ground when operating with these panels and markers.

See Military or Law Enforcement vehicle markers.



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IR Tools™ offers a full line of Passive, Thermal training targets. Zero targets are your choice for advanced weapon sight calibration. Die-cut targets are versatile, inexpensive and can turn any existing target into a thermal target!  Last but not least are our Printed targets, a realistic image for effective training.

See Military or Law Enforcement Targets.

Patent # 7,528,397 for Zero and Printed targets.

Sight Zero Target


Thermal Target


Thermal Target Tango


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