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 Laser- cut custom IR patches are 2nd to none! 

Extreme Thermal Film: Protects FLIR operations!

IR Patch – Reverse US Flag


Old Part # CID-FLAG-00001


This popular printed tan US Flag patch is always in high demand. This Field IR patch, worn on the shoulder, provides protection during a covert operation in the battlefield keeping soldiers hidden from the enemy while at the same time avoiding friendly fire.

Made with exclusive SandStorm Technology™

Powered Thermal Shooting Targets

NEW to our suite of passive targets!

A powered thermal target built with exclusive FabRoc heat technology. A thin rubber-like substance that is nearly indestructible. 

Safe – No wires to short circuit or catch fire

Efficient – Powers up on 12/24v battery

Superb Contrast –  Hot target, unmatched contrast

MD State Patch

Laser-cut IR Patch 

Custom logos, call signs, morale signs


We dare you to find a better custom    Laser – cut IR patch!  Our commitment to build your logo IR protection is #1. 

We believe the integrity of your Laser-cut patch matters. So no skimping on your safety and protection. Read More 

Made with exclusive SandStorm Technology™

 Spice Brown IR Patch

Part # P-0071-41-001


Spice Brown Security Forces.

Catch the wave of the new Spice Brown Security Forces patch. Your covert IR patch provides IR protection against friendly fire.

VIew with your Night Vision device. 

Made with exclusive SandStorm Technology™

Universal Zeroing Target 

Part # T-0001-00-004

For all your Advanced Weapon Sights

Patent Approved! Zeroing your Day Laser, Night Laser, Night Vision and Thermal Sights.

  • 100% portable
  • No batteries/electric needed
  • 25/50m

Flip IR Patch – 2 Sided


IR and Photo-luminescent Film

This popular Flip IR patch has the convenience of IR Field film on one side and Photo-luminescent film on the other side. Just flip it!

One patch, two applications!

Made with exclusive SandStorm Technology™

Fusion Patch

Photo-luminescent & Field IR patch

Custom Laser-cut designs 

Duel protection from one patch! This popular Fusion patch protects for covert and non-covert operations.

Photo-luminescent film viewed with the naked eye, Field IR film detected with your Night Vision Device. 

Made with exclusive SandStorm Technology™

Popular Coyote Brown

Field IR Patch 


The always popular laser-cut US flag in a Coyote Brown fabric. In house engineers are ready to convert your design to an IR patch.

The patch hook back easily attaches to helmet, shoulder, or equipment. 

Made with exclusive SandStorm Technology™

Extreme Thermal Markers

Know who’s who in the zoo! 

Vehicles/Ground Control 


Extreme Thermal Markers are your “silent partner” on the ground. This remarkable IR film technology minimizes risk and boost safety for any operation deploying a FLIR device.  

The markers need no charging or additional power source to be fully operational. 

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