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 Amazing Laser cut custom IR patches !

Zeroing Targets for Life-Saving Shots!

Reverse USflag IR glow

IR Patch – Reverse US Flag


Old Part # CID-FLAG-00001


This popular printed tan US Flag patch is always in high demand. This Field IR patch, worn on the shoulder, provides protection during a covert operation in the battlefield keeping soldiers hidden from the enemy while at the same time avoiding friendly fire.

Made with exclusive SandStorm Technology™

Powered Thermal Shooting Targets


NEW to our suite of passive targets!

A powered thermal target built with exclusive specially designed heat technology. A thin rubber-like substance that is nearly indestructible. 

  • Safe – No wires to short circuit or catch fire
  • Efficient – Powers up on 12/24v battery
  • Unmatched Contrast – Target contrast blows away the competition


Laser cut IR Patch 

Custom logos, call signs, morale signs


We dare you to find a better custom laser cut IR patch!  Our commitment to build your special logo IR protection is #1. 

We believe the integrity of your Laser cut patch matters. So no skimping on your safety and protection. Read More 

Made with exclusive SandStorm Technology™

SF in IR glow

 Security Forces

Printed Security Forces.

A tan Security Forces patch fresh off the printer.  The IR glow is covert and is only detected by IR illumination.  Protects you against a friendly accident. 

VIew with your Night Vision device. 

Made with exclusive SandStorm Technology™

Universal Zeroing Target

Universal Zeroing Target 

Patent #US 10,228,219

For All Your Advanced Weapon Sights

Patent Approved! Zeroing your Day Laser, Night Laser, Night Vision and Thermal Sights.

  • 100% portable
  • No batteries/electric needed
  • 25/50m
Zeroing Thermal Target

Thermal Zeroing Target

Designed and built by IR.Tools founder Tom Boyer.

Patent #US 7,528,397

This unique zeroing target is light, efficient, and most importantly, extremely precise. Zeroing your thermal sight has never been easier.

Fusion Patch

Photo-luminescent & Field IR patch

Custom Laser-cut Designs 

Duel protection from one patch! This popular Fusion patch protects for covert and non-covert operations.

Photo-luminescent film viewed with the naked eye, Field IR film detected with your Night Vision Device. 

Made with exclusive SandStorm Technology™

Call Sign in IR glow

Eye-catching Call Signs

Built to your order

The ever popular laser-cut multicam call signs are always in demand. Our in house engineers are ready to convert your call signs into an eye-catching  IR patch.

The hook back easily attaches to helmet, shoulder, or equipment. 

Made with exclusive SandStorm Technology™

SWAT team preparing for pursuit, with thermal K9 on vehicle

Extreme Thermal Markers


Vehicles/Ground Control 

Extreme Thermal Markers are your “silent partner” on the ground. This remarkable IR film technology minimizes risk and boost safety for any operation deploying a FLIR device.  

The markers need no charging or additional power source to be fully operational. 

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