The Best Thermal Zeroing Targets.

Hit the Bullseye Everytime

Infrared Patches & Insignia

Identification products featuring our exclusive IR technologies. Get your Custom IR patches designed for IFF protection and to boost morale.

Targets for Hunting

Boars, coyotes, and more, whatever your favorite hunt is, we have Targets so you can practice hunting at night safely and more effectively !

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Military/Law Enforcement/First-Responders

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Target Pasters

Quick and easy! Zeroing, Point of Aim, and Repair Pasters…turn your target backer into a thermal target.

Products Built to Protect, Identify, and Train

Are you concerned about friendly fire or struggling to track suspects? Our military-grade infrared patches protect you from a friendly bullet and our thermal markers ID “who’s who in the zoo”. Master your scopes and include thermal targets for your zeroing and point of aim training shots! We specialize in custom builds!

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Infrared Technology for

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