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IR.Tools Products Are Built to Protect, Identify, Train 

Do you need friendly fire protection? Do you experience confusion tracking a suspect?  Do your operations deploy advanced night vision or thermal optics? Discover how military grade infrared patches, markers and targets will protect your life, identify your subject, and advance your training regimen. Let your next operation be safe, swift, and successful.

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Infrared Technology for

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Safety begins with SandStorm

  • Resists water damage

  • Resists sand and wind damage

  • Resists white light reflection

  • More visible and retro-reflective

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IR. Tools IR Reflective Patches with SandStorm Technology™

Maximize your friend or foe protection with a Premium Sandstorm Technology™ patch. This seamless one-layer military grade patch constructed with over 100K fitted micro-prisms provides maximum glow and durability.  No other IR reflective film withstands the punishment that a Sandstorm patch takes.  Go ahead and crawl in the mud! This patch does not fall apart at the seams!

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