IFF really is your BFF on the battlefield. Your life is in the hands of your fellow soldiers and it is crucial they can identify you as friendly!

ACU with IFF Tab

ACU with IFF Tab

One of the unsung combat ID hero’s  is the lowly IFF tab sewn onto every ACU Uniform and helmet cover.

There are two major types of the IFF tab in use today, and the difference between the two is the gloss level.

Gloss measurements are made in gloss units (gu) and generally range from 0 to 100 where 0 is completely matte and 100 is shiny “like the top of the Chrysler building.” Matte IFF tabs have a gloss rating about 45gu and glossy IFF tabs have gloss rating about 90gu.

Infrared Patch ACU Uniform, IFF Tab

IR.Tools™ matte gloss on the left

You can see the difference between the two varieties in this picture. The roll on the left has a matte finish and the one on the right, glossy.

Soldiers want to avoid glinting in the battlefield because glinting can give away a position and put his/her life in danger.

Because of this fact, IR.Tools™ supplies matte IFF tabs and IFF tape for our soldiers in uniform. IR.Tools™ is the only US company supplying the soldier friendly, matte version.

If you are sewing uniforms or other tactical gear, consider carefully the raw materials you are purchasing and choose the brand that keeps the soldiers safe.

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